Beauty And Strength!

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Beauty with strength are combinations that empower while embracing

the potency of what validates all of life,

Be in awe of who God makes you be,

With rare qualities that not only reveal your capability

but also heighten your impact

Qualities infusing you with an emotional fortitude

that makes you unbreakable; tender, yet strong,

No one can change that formidable force

that assures your strength, making you know who you are…

So much so that no hindrance can block your path,

A vision of His sculptor, fashioned in His Love,

Is the shining beauty of which you are

Yes, my dear, celebrate your uniqueness in the abundance

of your given power within the beauty of your soul;

Be confident, be purposeful in your objectives,

By always believing that you’ll never be alone,

Not only does your Saviour place a watch over you?

His promises for your life are also about to be fulfilled

Watch, beautiful and strong woman,

the unfolding of God’s power in you

His presence of life’s best through you, by knowing

what had come to break you…

Have served to make you the strong woman you are!

Marjorie Delores

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