Accepting Truth!

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In my insatiable curiosity about all that involves life and living, more so now that I am fast approaching the twilight years. I easily become engaged in discussions to better understand the dynamics which make us who we are, especially as a follower of Christ, based upon having a relationship with him through sound doctrine. Reading the scriptures, one of the centerpieces is: “Loving one’s neighbor as one’s love for self and reverencing God in Love. But unfortunately, at times, those two pivotal teachings get glossed over easily when personal biases overshadow the approach to his teachings. “We should come to him in a spirit and truth,” it is his truth. As mortals, we are limited and flawed beings, and as such, God takes prominence over us. By accepting this as truth, we will see him clearly and recognize in each other similarities and sameness in so many ways. Therefore, within this prism of understanding, honoring God becomes second nature in seeing and embracing truth, and many social upheavals would lessen. However, it would be unrealistic to believe that simply accepting parts of God’s truth is a holistic fix-all for all that ails man. From the onset of life as we know it, man is flawed; however, the magnitude of what we have evolved into has placed us all in peril, and if we could only see beyond ourselves. And that God intended for us to see our neighbors as God sees us; there is sameness in how he views all. Our neighbors go beyond someone who shares geographical location; it means people within this sphere, the whole world, and also having reverence in approaching him in his truth. These two basic ideas can become a start to healing some of what ails us.

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