The Value Of Family?

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The value of family? Or rather, maybe I should ask, what constitutes family beyond Webster’s dictionary definition? Isn’t it more than a social group of people sharing the same ancestors, language, some social norms, and living together? Over the years, that definition has evolved beyond the generic definition, which it should as we change our approach and perception within a climate of constant change. There is a metamorphosis within norms to adapt to facilitating change, but what does that change do? How does it affect us on a grander scale? The family has changed as we once knew it to be. One aspect of the family that has come under scrutiny is a central piece of what a family should be, and it is loyalty. Loyalty is paramount to the cohesive flow within the framework of this group; it lays the foundation for other essential aspects, such as sincere care for each other. It’s understood family takes care of family! The general belief is that this core group is the backbone of society. It’s the family that sets the stage for what kind of society we have. Therefore, if those primary qualities that ensure security, care, and value are adversely altered, unfortunately, they filter over into the community at large, and the backbone of society, the family, has unwittingly changed its quality to unpredictability sometimes chaos. These past thirty years or more, the evolution of family has drastically changed to the point of difficulty at times to have a specific framework of reference. This change unintentionally jeopardized this vital group even more by having this contractual approach by some family members, which changed the whole concept of what a family should be. There is a mentality of what have you done for me lately? It almost amounts to an unflattering approach not easily labeled without causing an offense. This trend is dangerous and can initiate adverse results with side effects that changes who we are on a larger scale as a society. Therefore, the wholesomeness of a family’s heart and soul is paramount to our positive growth, which goes back to how we treat each other within the group.

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