There Are Limits To Everything!

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There are limits to everything in this complex world. Within its hypnotic beauty, enchantment, and yet complexities, individually, we engaged on a multi-dimensional level to obtain our objectives daily, whatever those may be. Boundaries, laws, or doctrines are interchangeable indicators that guide us within this maze of circumstances between God, nature, and man. We used our objectives as a road map to quantitatively qualify to live the way we want or aspire to live. However, in this time of what amounts to emotional upheavals coming at us from different angles, it takes extraordinary courage to hold it together without buckling beneath such pressures. Especially if you are alone, lacking mental stimulation, or disengaged from the daily rudiments of life as we know it, caused several issues including COVID19 and now Monkey Pox. What are we to do? How can we cope effectively without support systems in place?

COVID’s ever-mutating viruses, and now Monkey Pox, combined with other illnesses that have been with us, can be overwhelming. Plus, our emotional state is tested even more by those ingrained social biases or social disorders depending on where we fall in the scheme of things. How can those who fall into these categories not develop some form of psychosis? Everyone has a threshold, and like an elastic band that stretches, it eventually will wear thin, and so will we. There is a limit to everything. Therefore, we should hope in this hypersensitive and unreasonable state of exchange that the basic essence of who and what we are as humans won’t become obsolete, where only the strong survive as the weak perish. Instead, there’ll be an awakening in the moral and social platforms conducive to shifting the paradigm, to rekindle a civil consciousness, where we’ll have a vested interest in maintaining a balance that validates us as intelligent species with a common destiny.

Be informed, become transformed, and become the difference!

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