Coming Soon! The Coming Of Grace Part 2

Part 2

The Coming of Grace Part 2 will be on Amazon on June 1st, 2022. Part one is on sale now at 47% off; get your copy during the sale on

Excerpt from Book 2:

“Rebekah, I’m a little confused. Why would you need an apron to cook?”

She laughed mischievously, maintaining her stare, “I just thought you’d expect me to dress only in an apron while cooking?!”

His eyes twinkled as he burst out laughing. “Woman, your mind is always working overtime. But, tell you what, we will forego the apron for tonight. I would not want you to burn your beautiful caramel-colored skin. Now that we have resolved that issue let us talk about the menu. I will have salmon, roasted Brussel sprouts, and a salad. You can prepare the shrimps if you would like. I cannot cook, so I will not even consider offering my help! But I’ll set the table and do the pots and dishes.” […]

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