Life’s Seasons!

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On March 27th, 2022, out of nowhere, I came under such an attack that had the makings of a force, not of God; I can’t recall ever being so tested; whatever could ever go wrong has gone wrong. Yet, I’ve learned nothing we have been through or going through will become wasted. Therefore, as I aimed to see the forest from the trees during this process, it will become clearer to me within time. However, functioning like normal under adverse conditions is a testament to who God is. Each day he gives a fresh deposit of his grace and strength to face each obstacle and see them as stepping stones; with this said; as a descendant of warriors who survived the middle passage so that I could be here today. Therefore, I share this to say, be encouraged in whatever state you might find yourselves in because it may seem that your attack came to destroy you, but no, it came to push us into our best. So, as Paul, the apostle who wrote Philippians in the Bible, encouraged in Philippians 4:11, he reminded us: that we should find peace in whatever state we are in. 

Sometimes, life’s setbacks or some would regard them more like a setup for failure, but they are simply testing grounds for something bigger and better. The key here it’s how those situations become internalized, and as one who has experienced some things, I’ve learned to force myself to forget; this served to strengthen me and become better at seeing the hand of God in my life. I’ve also known one cannot win a fight unless we are in a battle, and sometimes the struggle which comes to us is the catalyst needed to thrust us into our better selves. I shared this to encourage anyone who is confronting a challenge to “nothing or no one can break us,” if we hold to who we are, and as ones created in the likeness and image of God, we were built to last and not become easily broken. Once we learn to see ourselves as God sees us, whatever comes at us will recede with time; there lie our testimonies. With so many upheavals and personal challenges in this mental awareness month, we must hold on to every fiber of our emotional health; whatever it takes to bolster personal wellness, we owe it to ourselves. Personally, I took control using nutrition, rest, feeding my spirit, and balancing engaging with whatever brings anxiety, even if that means being quiet for a while. Life comes in seasons, and as we know, seasons do change. Have a blessed day

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