It Seldom Occurs To Us!

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Whenever we think of forgiveness, the first thing that comes to mind is extending it to others and not ourselves. It seldom occurs to us that there are times we need to forgive ourselves! Yes, we are often our worst critique; and there are occasions when we are better to others than ourselves. Especially as parents, we place everyone above ourselves, then later in life, with unfulfilled goals and regrets; by intentionally denying dreams to facilitate theirs, we find ourselves in a place we now think could have been different. At this juncture, it is not a time to become angry for not being kinder to ourselves or securing ourselves for later in life. One should never be mad at oneself for honoring the lives of others. Mistakes are simply all parts and parcel of human experiences. This is where we need to remind ourselves we are mere mortals, not God. None of us came with a manual on what to and not to do in the framework of life; our lives started with making mistakes, and through trials and errors, we learned and grew into our better selves; and once we know within our hearts that we did our best, no need to look back but ahead. The person we see in the mirror, us, deserves and should be treated with the utmost love, and it begins with forgiving ourselves for not getting everything right when doing our best is all we can do. Once that inner man or woman has peace in knowing that basic truth of our fragility in our humanity, forgiving ourselves becomes easier, and the rest will eventually fall into place.

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