It’s A Struggle!

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In recent weeks, it has become a struggle to get my thoughts into focus here and elsewhere; so much negative energy seems to blanket the air. How does one get away or avoid its force that erodes peace and threatens your emotional stability? I sincerely believe love and hate are opposites; therefore, there is no way those two can reside in the same person on God’s earth? Acknowledging this truth and choosing to be on the side of love, the weight of such negativity cuts deep. I do not think or believe we live in a wonderland or a world where fairytales come through? That would be naiveté on a colossal scale, which would borderline some mental deficiency. However, the reality that stares me in the face, especially each time I venture beyond my front door, is cause for concern. I tried not to be paranoid, but what must one do when the truth of the reality is ever-present? But hopefully, by the fortification of oneself through faith and prayers within a conscious effort, in each encounter to say something positive to even one person, maybe like casting a pebble into a large body of water, its rippling effect will serve as a tide to shift things into the positive. What do you think?

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