Book Two, Coming Soon!

An excerpt: from chapter two, “Too Sweet,” the Coming of Grace, Book Two

Within the fluidity of circumstances in Rebekah’s life, it felt like her world shifted off its axis randomly. At times spellbinding, while at others, she wished she could run away from herself. However, Rebekah’s curiosity and thirst for life’s goodness had her surrender quickly to the unknown in hopes of what she wanted.

However, like peddles along the shore, she is easily swept away by shifting tides, which would leave her washed up in the debris of life’s circumstances, evident within the fissure of her soul. Rebekah believed everyone has an inner good as a hopeless optimist, which could override human nature’s darker side. However, she would have another encounter with its harsh reality. Rebekah thought Kaleb was what he had shown her to be; she became committed to him. However, time would reveal her girlish fantasy, which remains a fantasy.[…]

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