Coming Soon, Book Two!

Last December, I was certain that this second book would have been already available, but thank God I continue to engage with life despite setbacks. When I look at all the losses with loved ones dying, I find gratitude even within my disappointments. Things tend to unfold in line with God’s master plan. Therefore, without anxiety, I make adjustments as needed and remain thankful. I will be sharing excerpts from the book in the coming weeks, which hopefully will become published before the middle of June 2022. I am sorry, not to be more specific, but with several moving parts in this effort, all it takes is one of those parts to fall out of sync, and there I go. My primary objective is to have something I can be proud of sharing. To those who purchased book one, thanks for your patience, and if you contact me, I will most definitely give you a discount you will be pleased with. Thanks for your support and patience!

Excerpts are taken from chapter three in  “The Coming of Grace, book two.”

Rebekah heard the frustration in her mother’s voice but still thought she was being too hard on Kaleb and ignoring her pain by being so vocal, although all she said was valid. Rebekah, with a measured approach, remarked,

“Mama, it’s interesting you should say that. One of my girlfriends had made the same statement a few months ago. Beverly’s exact words were, ‘you’re painting a picture of Kaleb as a Saint,’ and she had warned me that it was dangerous and would backfire. She thought he would hurt me, and sure enough, he has.”

“Rebekah, you have a habit of valuing others more than how you value yourself, and people use your weaknesses against you. For example, you believe in love and goodness, but most aren’t good or even know what love is.”

At this point, Rebekah began sobbing silently, grateful her mother was on the phone and she could not see her tears. “Rebekah, maybe it isn’t your time yet for love.” […]

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