Found Wanting?

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In times of upheavals and uncertainty, we seek a deeper understanding of our place and role in life through our faith in God. Being driven by one’s belief can be quite effective and center-based when firm principles through revelation create transformation. Yes, being centered by having something or someone to believe in adds calm and assurance that arouses inner peace. A peace with resolve, even in a storm, knowing we are never alone, and we’ll be alright whichever way things go. I’ll personalize my point through insight into my faith walk with God.

I vividly recall, as a child, being taken to churches on the island where I was born. I witnessed women praying as if they expected the heavens to open or there would be a theophany– which is it was if they expected  God to crack the sky and appear on their behalf. Their devotion and reverence for God struck me at an early age. I witnessed the manifestation of their achievements in the face of challenging odds on the island. As my life unfolded in its unpredictability and challenges throughout the years, I recalled what I saw among these women. I would have been foolish not to adhere to the teachings passed on to me; I saw how empowered and enriched their lives were in their uncompromising faith in God. Many of the faces are faded memories, and their physicalities are only faint images, erased with time. However, I vividly remember what they did and what unfolded in their lives due to their belief in God.

Reflecting on those yesterdays and seeing how they influenced my life today, it is apparent how important it is for children to be exposed to positive situations and people because those earlier memories stay with us. As we get older, our long-term memory tends to become more intense, and the short-term memory seems to become exactly that, short-term! Those events of the early years help shape who we are and what we become. However, our collective experiences differ because we started out in different places, but people of faith have similar desires in their expectancy. In a nutshell, none of us wants to come up short or be found wanting with whom we believe, which is God.

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