Love, Love, Love!

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Love, love, love, oh such bliss, beauty, and wonders of being created by love. The Greeks gave us four types of love, Agape, Storge, Philia, and Eros. Life is dimensional, and why not love too? Within that intensity of our emotions, we arrive at the total sum of who we are and hope to be, and love is a pivotal part of our very presence, which exudes joy and happiness.

There is Agape Love, unconditional, what some refer to as the Godlike love. A love that weathers every challenging experience in the human conditions, that devotion that stood the test of time, ever-present and unchangeable. This love is what every heart hopes for, but just some can stake claim to be a benefactor of this love on the human level; however, God loves us all.

Storge love: the love of a parent, having empathy being able to form a bond that leads to being that difference. Unfortunately, this love becomes wanting with some parents and their offspring’s relationship, and storge love becomes weakened here. It shouldn’t be, but the reality is that it is for some. Also, some gave birth, but that’s where it starts and ends; there is no love there. However, for those committed parents, storge love is real and lasting, and thank God for you!.

There is Philia love, love of friends and equals, which advances and strengthens the fabric of who we are. I would like to believe that everyone has at least one friend. I perceived friendship as a selective relationship that adds a quality and arousing exchanges that often serve us well. Also, acquaintance brings a level of worth that often allow us an appreciation, which can be rewarding.

Eros, love, erotic, and passionate is the love that countless men and women longed for and strive to attain at some point in their lives; yet, this love can be elusive and can stand the test of time if successfully reached. Some have experienced all these kinds of love; while it is still a quest for others, the importance is to be the one who is willing to embody what love should be in the giving of what is hoped for.

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