The Wonders And Beauty Of Children

Photo by Yan Krukov on

As we approach the celebration of Mother’s and Father’s Day in the coming weeks, there is no better time to look at the reason for us celebrating children. Our Children are gifts that enlighten and enrich our lives. The innocence and curiosity they display can be exhilarating and, at times, tiresome, but it’s all worthwhile. Their beauty within the wonderment of who they are compensated for those anxious moments we cannot escape. In the early development stages between a toddler and a pre-teen, it is a time of added emotional wealth for those actively involved in shaping these little people’s lives. Those early years can be the most fulfilling in the purity of their exchanges, and I became reminded of such innocence in a conversation I had with a five-year-old that has since stayed with me.

I enjoyed playing with Ray when I noticed he had stopped playing and began examining his toys—observing each piece with an acute curiosity. I watched him as he looked at each toy thoroughly. His expression let me know that he was perplexed about a similarity evident among the toys. I could see he was trying to figure it out on his own and respecting his desire; I waited for him to let me know it was Ok to intervene.  I eventually inquired of him when his gaze met mine, at which time I asked if there was a problem? With uncertainty, he answered with this question, “Why are all my toys made in China?” And before I could answer, he continued, “Was I made in China too?” I had difficulties keeping a straight face in my response. Children overall are the light and life to our lives, especially when we allow ourselves to see life through their eyes, which is priceless. These little people can be most enchanting. Their capacity to forgive, love, and be kind could teach some adults how to embrace and experience life to the fullest. The best gift of life is children, and it can be most frightening when they become harmed or, worse, destroyed by those who should be protecting them.

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