Building Blocks of Life!

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One of the things about life is that if we stay engaged and aware of our weaknesses, weaknesses that are evident even in our strengths, a level of humility arises that helps keep us grounded. Being mortal, naturally flawed, with proclivities, the difference is God, and we are only His likeness. I am still discovering things about myself relationally and personally across the mile marker of my life (birthdays), having passed fifty. I am sure you too are making discoveries about yourselves, no matter your age. The greatest of findings is having the power to intentionally shut off memories that are too painful to process while reaching for the things that enrich and are empowering. This is the best we can hope for through the processes of life while we grow into who we are meant to be. I believe it is healthy to look inwardly to be better able to see externally. Also, acknowledging that part of life intentionally places what is too painful to handle at rest through forgiveness.

I think the awesome mechanism by which our bodies protect themselves is through intrinsic biological, physiological, and emotional processes granted in Love. We have the incredible power ingrained in us by God, as mysterious and powerful life and light forces we are, which resonate with what’s profitable for the soul. A desire to reach for potentials that heighten the meaning of life. There are times in each life when seeking to fulfill dreams is prioritized over satisfying those dreams over the anticipation of others, so it should be. By becoming our best selves in the promises for our lives.

This is where life becomes more about pulling the subconscious into the moment and harvesting thoughts that facilitate the tangibles of life. Being an active participant in life, I have learned nothing is wasted, even in our darkest moments. Instead, they serve as building blocks to life’s tapestry. Seasons change, and so do our lives. Therefore, we learn to find comfort in knowing that the complete person we aim to become is empowered through the love of God. So, through the building blocks of life, some occurrences that seem volatile, there lies the beauty and wonders later morphed into reality and destiny fulfilled. The unchangeable love of God fosters blessings and, for every small favor that comes our way, serves as a launching pad to better and greater things. So, don’t disregard the little things but see them as the accumulation of life’s blessings. I know I am blessed, and so are you!

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