The Coming of Grace book one is now on sale at 47% off; please get your copy today! Book Two, the conclusion, will be soon available.


An excerpt from book two: He lifted her head and gazed into her eyes, “Thank you, my dear; it’s good to be appreciated. Now, let us get the kitchen moving. I’m hungry!”

They had a wonderful evening, and their dinner turned out perfectly. At around eleven, Rebekah and Kaleb retired to their respective rooms. Rebekah could not sleep. At about 3: am, she got up to go to the bathroom. On her way back to bed, she decided that she should go to him. It took her five attempts for her to get up the nerve to walk to his door. She believed that only certain women do such a thing, and she wasn’t that type? Finally, Rebekah could no longer control her urge; dressed only in a robe, she knocked at his door. He was groggy and became startled out of his sleep; he mumbled, “The door is unlocked.”  Gingerly, she entered, crawling into bed with him. Still fully robed, she snuggled up to him. He was naked, and neither one said a word. She removed her robe, and they created a new reality in the hours that followed. Rebekah had been celibate for several years and had almost forgotten how it felt to be with a man. She impaled herself on him as she hung unto what felt like a life source. Repeatedly they refreshed their longings, ensuring either wasn’t left wanting. Finally, in the light of day, with the early morning light filtering through his bedroom window, she arose, getting out of bed, holding him by the hand […]

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