Concept of Believing!

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The book of Hebrews in the New Testament is credited to Paul the Apostle, who defined Faith as the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. To the average non-believer, this concept of belief is borderline delusion or a detachment from reality. In practicality, one cannot fault anyone for thinking along that line of rationale. We can only comprehend concepts of beliefs from a place of learned norms within our exposures.

However, believers in the divinity of God’s power and the manifestation of promises are assured through one’s faith. For some, Faith is considered a radical approach to life. I will use myself as a subject as one of those believers. As a twenty-three-year-old, I traveled across the globe with mere pennies in my purse, alone, unsure of where I would have ended upon my arrival in New York City, but I believed God would protect and provide for me. Yes! My thoughts were God wouldn’t allow my life to come undone in my quest for upward mobility within the unknown. Faith became the key to opening up a world to me, unlike anything I’ve ever known.

I noticed those who teeter on the edge of life tend to latch on to things of God crystallized by their Faith in Him. In that place of belief within limited opportunities, surrounded by circumstances that create unattainable objectives, not just hoping but uncommon Faith in God paves the way. Interestingly, it would be hypocritical to state that only those with faith in God find success in life; that is far from the truth. What is true is that successful people apply principles of Faith that believers adhere to; while their differences are unlike some Christians, wishing and praying only about their objectives, while they act tirelessly to their advantage to succeed.

Some Christians truly believe in God and are Faith-driven yet paralyzed by assuming they should get special treatment while sitting on their laurels, waiting for a miracle to thrust them into their purpose and dreams. However, when Christ walked as man upon the earth, He traveled and evangelized. He could have sat on a hillside and asked the disciples to do his leg work by bringing people to Him. But instead, he was a carpenter who worked tirelessly to win souls and help people everywhere he went. Therefore, I know Faith coupled with hard work and perseverance will bear fruits to the honor of God.

El libro de Hebreos se atribuye al Apóstol Pablo, quien definió la Fe, como la certeza de lo que se espera, la convicción de lo que no se ve. Para el no creyente promedio, este concepto roza los delirios o el desapego de la realidad. Sin embargo, para el creyente la fe es la sustancia que da frutos validados por las palabras de la verdad de Dios y dentro de esas verdades se manifiestan los deseos de las promesas cumplidas. Para algunos de nosotros, la fe se considera radical en la forma en que abordamos nuestras vidas. Voy a utilizar yo mismo un tema. Yo soy uno de esos creyentes en la fe. Cuando tenía veintitrés años, viajé por todo el mundo con solo unos centavos en mi bolso, solo, sin saber dónde terminaría. Mi vida comenzó así en Estados Unidos y, como muchos inmigrantes, la fe es nuestro recurso cuando no hay otro lugar a donde ir. ¡Sí! Mantiene el corazón no sólo esperando sino creyendo y cada vez más lo que se cree posible, se hace realidad. Así es como muchos de nosotros moldeamos nuestras vidas desde la infancia. Es interesante, cuando la vida no nos brinda muchas opciones a través de enfermedades sociales, culturales, socioeconómicas o cualquier otra enfermedad que nos acosa para avanzar hacia la estación deseada en la vida, la fe se convierte en la guía que conduce al camino de tener algo a lo que aferrarse. Es aquí donde llegamos a reconocer a Dios más profundamente. A veces son las situaciones de humildad las que nos hacen avanzar hacia ese lugar de plenitud con propósito y qué mejor manera que la fe como catalizador.

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