Emotional Entrapment?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I have been examining what fear is and does to an individual and how it can deceive and masquerade as one being cautious when it’s being afraid. I am a layperson offering my perspective on fear. In no way am I advocating to have special training to speak on this topic? My insights derived from the classroom of life. It would be safe to say everyone has a certain amount of fear in responding to life’s ever-present unknowns. However, the fear that is crippling and manifests in a manner that stunts growth, erases dreams, and suffocates it’s the fear I am talking about. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real; this is what fear is!

Whenever falsehood arises, here lies an opening that leads to emotional entrapment, resulting in behaviors that initiate one’s life outcome. How can one become impaired, operating under mental restraints caused by fear? It goes back to knowing oneself through the words of truth in Jesus Christ. Let me explain! The Bible stated we are created in the image of God and his likeness! There lies the answer, and if God is the master of the universe, which makes Him King, and we are created by Him in his image with the inherent ability to exhibit His traits, that makes us…what? I will let you answer that question, which is a personal decision. This is good news for me; it encourages, inspires, and makes me believe whatever I set out to do will manifest within time. Why? My Fear has been replaced with faith!

Fear cannot dictate our lives when we see ourselves as God sees us. I will use another analogy of having an exhilarating feeling whenever we are dressed up for a formal event. Provided we adorned ourselves with whatever garment of fancy, which usually evokes positive feelings that deepen a sense of having a presence within our appearance. We look admiringly at ourselves in the mirror with confidence in having achieved the result intended. If only we could see ourselves as that special beautiful garment adorned; uniquely made and cannot be easily replicated. Fear would then show itself in rare moments of life’s endeavors as a reminder to appreciate and value what we have and achieved with gratitude rather than its crippling effects.

It can serve us well in initiating appreciation and humility, which is empowering. Fear isn’t always negative, but it is whenever it becomes a crutch, hindrance, or a dream crusher. Fear can be used as an aide to bring us fulfillment, or it can use us to be life’s casualty. It’s at this juncture being crippled by it that God seemed like a bystander being replaced by fear. I know this is a controversial statement, but the obvious is that faith and fear cannot coexist as equals; one erodes the other. God is faithful, and God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear. Again, the choice lies with us having the free will to choose between the two.

Photo by Sean Whang on Pexels.com

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