Yes, Love!

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In the search for a higher spiritual insight and a deeper awareness of self, one usually inquiry as to why we are and what initiates and supports life? Christ is the answer. Life is multi-dimensional, which adds uniqueness to the beauty of who we are. However, our perception can become warped by the influx of information that comes at us. Despite this known quality of Christ’s Love for us, there are still those who don’t accept it. However, the advent of time arouses desires to experience the beauty of the power of Love and being loved. We were meant to be Christ’s ambassadors of Love. Several theories, well-written books, and scholars explained and rationale this phenomenon of life’s force from different perspectives with the absence of Christ. However, the answer simply lies in trusting and believing in Jesus Christ. In thinking through faith, transformation lies in opening the soul, which enlightens us with revelations through his teachings.

The simplest meaning of life seems harder to embrace due to overwhelming information creating distortion. Therefore, what should be easy is somewhat rejected because of the mindset that it should be harder to attain if it is that effective or good. Consequently, we fall into a mineshaft of thinking and believing that deception, all tricks to erode and even abort what brings us our best life. Yes! At times, it’s best to see from our heart rather than sight. Those matters of the heart can lead to a clearer view of the meaning of life. In the Bible, John 3:16 poignantly reminded us we were bought with Love! Jesus Christ gave his life so we could have life more abundantly. Although He made that sacrifice solely based on love so pure, He allowed us the freedom to choose Him through acceptance with obedience. He loved us first, and it is up to us to reciprocate. Have a blessed day!

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