Earth Day!

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Seated here in solitude, gazing across the landscape, I watched the swaying of the trees as the breeze rustled through their branches while birds chirped in acknowledgment of the beauty and peace. Oh, what harmony between nature and its captive audience on this Earth Day in my neighborhood. In a selective childish ignorance, briefly, I choose to believe it’s like this everywhere. The loudest sounds are nature’s bristling, while creatures above and below express their delight. But, oh, too quickly, I had to snap out of that daydream into reality. Yes, I would like to believe this scenery was more than a brief interlude to what is possible on so many levels.

On this Earth Day, the world has never been as fragile as today because we have technology and weaponry unlike anything we had before; and there are side effects to all these advancements. Man is a steward over the affairs of this Earth, but history, our present social and economic issues, left most of us almost numb to how poorly we nurture and protect each other on a global scale. Yes, at times, this world’s state of affairs makes us wonder if it’s time to panic! So much is going array, and it seems it’s everyone for themselves. Regrettably, it takes catastrophic events for people to pause and reassess the direction in which this world is heading. It is sad, but to cope effectively, one has got to hold on to hope that at some point, we will form a better way of protecting the Earth (us) because we are the Earth. I’m a hopeless optimist or maybe a dreamer, but dreams are what give life to realities. I hope it is a pleasant Earth Day for you!

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