The Answer!


As a hopeless optimist with faith grounded in the word of God, I do believe despite the barrage of negativity that seems to come at us almost at the speed of light, there has to be hope good that supersedes the bad things. History records the evolution of change and some lessons learned and those forgotten. However, a common thread woven into the DNA of humanity that advances us is love! Interestingly, we’ve fluctuated between good and bad, but life’s bad usually make us appreciate the good, and good always triumphs! In every facet of life, there are causes and effects. Faith causes us to believe in the possibility of what we hope for, and at that crossroads, faith activates hope that leads to outcomes that line up with the things of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, the Savoir, modeled the true essence of what love is! Not only had he shown love, but He also inspired men to chronicle it in a book known as the Bible. Everything about life and living is in the Bible for the reading. In reminding myself through reading it, Ms. Nikerson’s poem evokes emotions that I hope you can also appreciate. This poem is a repost, but sometimes it’s good to repeat things; a second look sometimes drives home what we may have missed. M.Delores

Love is the Answer

Love is the answer

To every question ever asked

To every wound that needs to heal,

Love is the answer

To every crime ever wrought

To every hurt sin has brought

Love is the answer

For everything, a check won’t right

For every failing made out of sight

Love is the answer

When nothing else can help

When you disappoint yourself

Love is the answer

If you are ever at a loss

Love will pay no matter the cost

Love is forever the answer

And you are loved!


Astoria Nickerson

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