Kudos to Him and His Parents!

Photo by Max Fischer on Pexels.com

I heard this heartwarming story earlier today over the radio of this thirteen-year-old boy who sneaked his parent’s toaster and pop-tarts to school to feed other kids. Upon discovering what he was doing, he was featured in the news. When the company that makes pop tarts heard of this, they offered to supply the school with free pop tarts and donate $5000 in the boy’s name to a charity of his choice. This story makes my day due to several elements highlighted. The first is that children are still going hungry while being at school. The second one is the heart of a child’s humanity to others have him make a conscious effort to address the problems the elders failed to handle. Then thirdly, It’s a reminder that actions are like pebbles with rippling effects that can positively create changes. Finally, the moral of this story is that sometimes those we least expected to initiate a necessary and valuable response to an issue having lacked the skills or wherewithals are not to be counted out. Despite that reality, this boy showed us what is possible. Finally, it’s a heart thing; he cared, saw the problem, and made the resolve he would fix it. As a mother and grandmother, it warms my heart to think that maybe it’s his generation that will improve the brokenness of this world that seems to jolt us into a steady state of disbelief much too frequently. The parents of this young man have done something right, and his character is proof of a willingness to break some rules to ensure others don’t go hungry, even if he gets into trouble. He is to be admired. Kudos to him and his parents!

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