On Observation

Photo by Marlon Schmeiski on Pexels.com

Today after Resurrection Sunday, or for some, Easter Sunday, it’s back to routine, and for some, it’s changing those routines. It was nice to see the houses of worship full and the zeal some brought to bear on acknowledging the Ressurection of Jesus Christ. Regrettably, I was unable to attend services as planned, for which I was disappointed. However, I’m grateful for technology, which allowed me to be a part of services online. I don’t know if you feel as I do about the rapid daily changes around us and the unpredictability.

I have become acutely aware of how fragile the human condition is, and in the twinkle of an eye, everything could forever change around us, as the pandemic showed us. On such observation, I believe being informed, aware, and prepared is good wisdom and is not paranoid. So, as one who believes in God and reads the Bible, it is incumbent on me to exemplify what I learned from the Bible and apply the essence of God’s inspired teachings practically.

Across the denominations, houses of worship had a large turnout, and one can only hope lives are touched, evoking renewed approach to seeing each other through the lens of How Jesus Christ sees us. He sees us through the eyes of love. In His teachings, He reminds us of His awareness of our imperfections. Yet, he looks past those weaknesses and flaws, loving us beyond reason in and out of seasons.

So, please, join me on this one-week fast of not saying anything unkind about anyone. It won’t be easy if, like me, you are aware of current events like what is happening in foreign countries. How those residents have little chance of escaping what’s happening to them. And watching people killed daily for nothing they did to warrant an attack; Simply, because of living in a geographical region where they are seen as merely a pawn in a quarrel, they didn’t start. It is tough holding one’s tongue under such conditions. However, God is in charge, and He is aware of everything taking place everywhere. So, as we prayed collectively yesterday, let us continue to pray, for God has the final say on all of life’s outcomes. Enjoy your Monday, and have a productive week.

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