The Commemoration

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Tomorrow April 15th, is Good Friday. The day Christians observe the commemoration of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In observation of its significance, Christians celebrate the day as one of fasting, penance, and sorrow. As a small child, I recall, although I hadn’t fully grasped its significance, it was a day my household generally didn’t cook, and if they did, no meat was allowed, only fish.  Interestingly, that tradition is still carried on today, crossing generations. On this Good Friday, April 15, 2022, while reflecting on its meaning, may we fully grasp the reason for the Crucifixion while preparing to celebrate His resurrection on Sunday, April 17th. In its observance, may it be seen as a time to review and renew our perception, approach, and response toward the things of God. From my perspective, the entire reason for the Crucifixion and Resurrection is based upon Love.  A Love that gave of itself sacrificially to assure the fullness of life in the loss of His. We were created in His likeness, He rose on the third day, furthering this assurance, which allowed us options in having life everlasting, by serving him or not. We have been given that choice. There is no greater love than His, allowing us the freedom to choose our end even though we are not responsible for our beginnings. He is the giver of life. This is the powerful message of love, without condemnation or void of choices. Thank God, he isn’t like a man; however, man can choose to be like him; we are allowed to have the final say on where our lives end or where we will spend eternity! May your Good Friday be one of fulfillment. See you on Saturday!

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