New York!

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As one who spent a good chunk of my life living in New York, a part of me is still a New Yorker. The attack on the Brooklyn train is most disturbing. I recalled riding on that same train for several years. It is sad to see so many innocent people being hurt, but thank God no one was killed. I pray there will be healing for all affected by the shooting. The alleged suspect has aired grievances, which brought some central social issues plaguing society for too long to the forefront. New York is a melting pot of cultures with ethnicities and races from across the globe. It has an irresistible hypnotic force; you cannot help but become enthralled by all it offers. The wonders and beauty of New York cross several boundaries of what makes it appealing; I guess with this many mixtures of differences, there are bound to be occasions when life’s imperfections bubble to the surface and lives are adversely affected as a result. However, despite these periods of violent attacks, the soul of New York will forever remain vibrant, and one of the adages commonly describes New York is, “If you cannot make it in New York, you cannot make it anywhere.” There is a level of truth to that saying! However, New Yorkers will always rebound from this awful attack and be stronger and those few bad apples cannot take away her resilience.

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