It Impacts Us!

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It seems so much has been coming at us from all angles daily. I don’t know about you but I feel like becoming disengaged from this constant flow of information, at least one day a week. If anything, there is very little one can do on a macro scale to fix the brokenness of our world and the cascade of information overshadowing our lives, no matter how slightly they may appear to be. We are impacted more than we realize!

I recently called a close friend to check on her, and within two minutes of talking to her, she burst out crying like she was under a physical attack. At first, I was unsure what to say because of her raw emotions. However, my call turned out to be an intervention, which I had no idea it would have become. I am glad I had listen to my instinct to call her when I did; I usually don’t call her at that hour of the day because she is generally at work. Anyway, I am glad I had called. Each day since, my awareness of staying involved with the people around me is heightened, not just family and friends but acquaintances too.

Technology made it much easier and gives us options to effectively interact with each other. We can face time at will and reach out to each other anywhere around the world for free, which some of the apps are designed to do. I think we should set aside designated time each week to detox by spending time surrounded by what nurtures and strengthens us. I suggested to that friend who works five days a week to find a place of solitude and shut the world out, even if it’s for four hours, on one of those days off. A few hours becoming recharged is better than nothing. This can be difficult when dependent children are involved, and they can’t be ignored. However, it’s imperative to secure your physical and psychological health to effectively care for them, other dependents, and you by setting aside time for yourself.

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