Wishful Thinking?

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

Maybe I am a dreamer, but it seems each month has a cause for celebrating something or another; would it be crazy to suggest that we should have a month where anger takes a break and hatred finds its cure while kindness reigns supreme? I am not sure what we would call such a day, but it would be nice to have one! So, I guess I am truly crazy, or should I seriously consider living in a cave for even coming up with such an idea? Oh, well, I suppose that gray matter between my ears referred to as a brain needs dopamine or something to take off the edge?! Oh well, I’m just thinking out loud, all wishful thinking?!

2 Replies to “Wishful Thinking?”

  1. I wish for the same thing but yeah it’s just wishful thinking. But maybe someday the hate will go away for a while and we can just have a good month!


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