Faith or Fear?

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On this journey of life with its many unknowns and unpredictability, it’s imperative to have a center, something to believe in which supersedes all that is questionable; and faith-based practices play a pivotal role. The global landscape of religions states that eight out of ten people practice some Religion. Christians make up thirty-one percent of the people worldwide. Twenty-three percents are Muslims and the rest splinters into several other groups.

Ok, I stated that, so what’s my point? Ok, please indulge me. Let me approach this from a place of experience. I believed in God and worshiped and reverenced God, but I don’t ascribe to a particular faith denomination. The body of Christ has many parts. It is like having many children and being selective of one over the others, which I sincerely do not believe is the intention of Christ, and neither He does do such a thing. Serving Him doesn’t take on limitations that stifle, separate, or display hatred or biases; if it does, it’s a deception and doesn’t line up with scriptures. God doesn’t condone or practice any of those social ills. I read the Bible for those reasons, becoming informed not by what someone told me but by knowing His truth through revelations. In so doing, I conformed to those teachings based on love, forgiveness, and acceptance, all basic teachings of Christianity.

I have had the unique experience of visiting several houses of worship here and abroad within different denominations and some synagogues. I have never been to Mosque, but I have worked with a few Muslims, and those were good experiences. What I concluded, which brought me to this point, is that no matter how ideas of God or Godliness are framed by different sects, within its diversities, the common thread that binds all; it’s a desire to be heard, acknowledged, and live out one’s life as deemed possible. Therefore, at the end of each life, only they are responsible for what meets them at the end. Consequently, I agree with living and letting live because each sin is between the maker and the sinner. Therefore, the best way to evangelize is by being the example conveyed as truth and Godliness. Living a life above reproach, with kindness and brotherly and sisterly love, wins over people more than words. Here, one can honestly say a faith-based on truth will triumph over fear. Peace!!

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