Real Freedom

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 Real and lasting freedom starts within the mind, which means if any issues hinder our state of being, they should be addressed, and unforgiveness is one of them. Often, forgiveness is difficult to deal with between both parties involved because of underlined unresolved issues or misunderstandings. However, it has been proven. Forgiveness benefits those who suffered an offense, even when the offender is oblivious to their actions. Furthermore, the teachings of Jesus Christ throughout the Bible teach about the power of forgiveness. Stories about forgiveness and being forgiven are reflected in the life of Christ while He was here on earth, one of the cornerstones of his ministry.   Although several offenses were inflicted on him, He didn’t hold onto malice; instead, he recognized ignorance and pride, making people behave out of character. Jesus Christ also highlighted another contributor to unforgiveness: having a sense of grandeur, feeling worthier, or more important than the next person. Therefore, their feelings do not matter during exchanges. Regrettably, if we were to recognize that we all work in progress, but if it hadn’t been for the love of God?!

Each of us comes to the forum of life with whatever social, cultural, economic, and religious beliefs we expound, and they influence our approach and perception. Those set skills or mindsets are conditions that result in decision-making, wrong or right. However, if we were to see some of our imperfections or weaknesses in others, it would be much easier to see that generally, people are flawed, and here lies the truth that no one is perfect and perfection belongs only to God. Therefore, forgiveness would become easier to give to ourselves and others at this place of recognition. Moreover, it would produce an after-effect that creates a wave of acceptance with compassion and, most of all, understanding. Remember the story of Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate Forgiver, in forgiveness; we should give ourselves that gift of real freedom by forgiving ourselves and others; we should do it, if not for anyone, but for ourselves.

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To add another nugget to this article on real freedom. The soul’s light shines even brighter when the power of Forgiveness becomes a driving force toward real freedom. A Freedom that escapes you in the beauty it enthralls, You evolving, such radiance of God’s Love, its hypnotic power not easily ignored.

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