As Easter Approaches!

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As Easter fast approaches, we are reminded by the gospels of the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection; Matthew 27:33-50 tells of what happened when Jesus was detained and crucified — and the chain of events that form the bases of Easter. While Luke 24:1-6 tells us about Jesus rising from the dead, and Mary Magdalene was one of the women who found the stone of His tomb rolled away and His body no longer inside. Christ overcame death and appeared to His followers before ascending to heaven. The Bible makes it clear that Christ died for the sins of humanity. For those of us who are followers of the faith, this year’s meaning takes an urgency as we watched a radical change in norms, heightened instability worldwide, and the undeniable circumstances that make us believe an occurrence on an epic scale are inevitable. Whatever are those concerns, misgivings, or beliefs one ascribes to, the reality is that this Easters’ celebration will be approached cautiously wherever large groups gather. Several factors are the causes, and social issues coupled with the pandemic overshadow our interactions are at the forefront. For faith-driven people, there is comfort in believing God is in the midst of everything, and He allows what he deems, and man doesn’t have the last word; therefore, why worry?

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