Be That Change!

Marjorie Delores

Recently I weighed in on Mr. Will Smith slapping Mr. Chris Rock during the Academy Awards, and I am aware some feel it was justified, maybe it was, but there is a place and time for everything. I disagree with violence, and look at what Mr. Smith’s son said after the incident? “This is how we do it!”

“Really? When people forget their history, they might be forced to relive it.” Where do we get off publicly assaulting each other on a world stage? A little over a week ago, one of our brightest and sharpest scholars was taken to task because a group of bigots thought she was unsuitable for the highest Courts in the land. So they picked her apart like Candors coming upon a corpse.

Watching as they pulled her apart made me relive my child’s hell at an Ivy League Law School, making it even more painful for me to watch. It was humiliating as a black woman, a mother, and a grandmother. It aroused emotions I pray not to feel anytime soon again. We, as a race, do not have the luxury of forgetting. If we fail to see each other’s worth, when a brother or sister comes up short, especially those who have gotten into the door, we owe those who paved the way to keep those doors open for those behind us. Therefore, take our misunderstandings with each other out of the public sphere. Then, we can trash it out among ourselves. I have had the experience of living in another country before living here in America. I knew I was black before I got here; my mirror showed me. However, I never knew what racism was until I came to America. While working in the healthcare field, some of the crudest statements were made to me based on my skin tone, race, and mind you by people who relied on me for their care. This was how twisted this demonic spirit of hatred is, but I made a conscious effort to give the best care humanly possible because I believed love can blot out hate. After all, hatred is the brainchild of ignorance mingled with fear.

 I am not implying we should be separatist; that’s isn’t the answer, and we can only stamp out ignorance by integrating with patience; by teaching others, we are no different from them. If we can have patience for others, who don’t see us as equals, why we do not have the same for each other when we can’t see eye to eye? We must become the change we want to see, and it starts with how we treat and see each other at all levels, even when we disagree. Peace!!

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