Information Overload?

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Time is the teacher of us all; it constantly surrounds us with cues, messages, and sometimes harsh lessons that empower us in this vast, complex world. The world has become a place that captures the imagination in our myriads of differences and similarities, those of mysteries and experiences that have us ever-learning. The rapid advancement of technology further catapults us into an age that engages us more than ever before, where information overload can sometimes occur. This velocity of information at times becomes problematic; with a heightened awareness and increased availability of almost any device known to man to facilitate their release. In this place of a barrage of information with not enough time to process them before others come at us, do creates challenges to maintain objectivity within a framework of balance, at least for me.

If there was a perfect situation in the approach in this sea of information that doesn’t become an overload, I surely would ascribe to it, but there isn’t. Therefore, in the maze of data, the essence of what makes us the dominant species of all of God’s creation should not become minimized in a driven world that appears self-defeating at times. It’s OK to become informed, but having balance is an individual decision, and information overload doesn’t necessarily make for a better state of being. Unfortunately, in several cases, it has proved to be otherwise

It’s similar to food shopping. We don’t purchase everything in the supermarket when we go food shopping. Instead, we buy what we think will enhance or maintain our physical well-being. So likewise, the information we consume should advance psychological wellness instead of depleting us emotionally. There are things beyond our control; what’s the point of falling off the rails over what we cannot control? Change is ever-present, good or bad; they are constant. And the answers for most things that keep us up at night lie within the unknown, but we have the power to weed out the noise and keep what is beneficial, discarding the rest of the information coming at us.

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