The Power of Words

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On searching through my sets of books, I found my old dictionary from my school days. It took me back to when I used to study the meaning and use of words in their proper context and how they should be applied and executed to be effective. Words dictate the response and outcome for which we aspire. However, sometimes, using words can create an exchange dictated by culture, social biases, and many other established norms; such interaction can lead to misunderstanding when the applicable word is not applied to achieve the desired outcome.

An example is two sides in an exchange, and when one side decides to assume something about the other without proven knowledge or input. This exchange can easily lead to believing something that it isn’t, resulting in discord and even fractured relationships. So let’s look keenly at the word assumption.

What is the meaning of an assumption? An assumption is accepting a thing to be certain or true without proof; with this said, it is a common occurrence within relationships. However, one could ask, why do we engage in such a practice despite its proven results? This trait is also used to fulfill the self-imposed prophecy for those who have a mentality of “they do-me wrong.” This can rob us of life’s truest gifts to find fulfillment. It can place us in that mindset of being hindered, violated, and unable to experience what we yearned for. This mentality of easily making assumptions of others or situations without concrete proof tricked the mind into believing otherwise. Therefore, motivating actions thrust us into thinking something that isn’t. Sometimes, an assumption is proven right, but it’s always best to get the facts to minimize or eliminate mistakes. An honest exchange minimizes discords, and seeing others in the light we wished for ourselves to be seen makes for an amicable conversation and sometimes warm and lasting friendships.

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