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As I reflect on the ultimate example of what is truth, ‘God’s truth,’ I must delve into His given foundation, birthed in love and forgiveness without regard for the hierarchy we ascribed to as a people. I must hearken back to the profound knowledge of God’s truth that solidified a path of assurance, knowing there is freedom and power in embracing the truth.

Truth isn’t only scriptural; it’s factual, it doesn’t need any blemishing, it stands with time and beyond the shadows for whosoever tried to shade it being otherwise than what it is, factual. John 1:1 from the Bible highlights the power of words and with whom the power of words lies, God. And God it truth, and nothing less can suffice for his truth. Even when truth becomes unpopular, it doesn’t alter the reality of its potency, purpose, position, and its outcome because God is the architect of fact, and nothing less will do. The truth will always stand, which is beyond our control and echoed throughout history.

I had started addressing another subject matter but became led here on the premise of truth. Anyone who knows me, I never sought the easy or commonly travel path in my approach to life and living. I’ve always gone with what that inner voice says and allowed its guidance, and hopefully, even in the shallow places of life, my efforts will be worthwhile. I believe we should make our own decision based on convictions and information awareness with accountability and sensitivity to their results. None of us has a monopoly on what’s best for another; we can only try and hope that our efforts bear fruits of compassion with acceptance and our truth, honors God and life.

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