Release, Redeem, Renew Yourself!

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You’ve become consumed by desires yet to be fully actualized

And in a maze of convoluted longings

You envisioned schemes you wished later to escape

While unsuspecting victims become enticed by you,

 Unknowingly entering into a web of deceit and trickery

If only they knew, the hurt you’d eventually inflict

They’d run on learning their lives were parts of your trickery

As each one ended up being treated like milk with an

expiration date,

You easily become bored discard them, which was their fate

Like objects, they are heaped around the periphery of your life,

without regard for their wellbeing

 On aiming to fix your brokenness in the arms of women

you deemed as special,

You soon start blaming them for your past, of which they have not a share,

Release yourself, redeem yourself, and renew yourself

Trapped by your doings, you complain of your life’s-ruin

 As your never-ending journey have you traveling far

and near in search of what is missing inside of you,

What you search for—should be found inside of you,

 However, your perpetual state of denial breeds confusion,

Leaving you feeling used and even abused

Release yourself, redeem yourself, and renew yourself

Burning with a rage festered from emotional imprisonment—

Self-fulling prophecies, you bring to pass from the habits you of who you are

The aerosol effects of your actions filter throughout the lives of all those who

dared to love you, bringing them pain

Unshackled yourself pursue what’s good and right,

By starting with removing all of life’s

Strongholds, beginning with having some self-control,

Releasing yourself, redeeming yourself, and renewing yourself


Marjorie Delores

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