Ocean of Tears

Photo by Paige Deasley on Pexels.com

Fear is the enemy that everyone has to deal with daily. It always lurks over our shoulders, waiting for an opportunity to come into our hearts, to distort our perceptions. By finding a path through our belief systems, it executes its destructive devices on our hearts, souls, and minds, frequently leaving us vulnerable to life’s many pitfalls. Our faith will never stand without the opposition of fear. Thus, our faith has to become a stepping stone, getting us to our next level in God and self as we journey through life.

Faith without trust is like taking a long journey without finding that place of rest. Rest is where God does his most excellent work, and you receive His manifestation. It’s where you believe in God, and you do what you think without overthinking it. It is where we accept that the work has already been done. You are not asking God to do it, but you are working out what has already been done in the spiritual realm until it manifests in the natural with thanksgiving.

Tears might sometimes become the river where you find yourself cleansing and mending your broken hearts and souls. So do not be alarmed by the fiery trials that test your faith, but keep hope in God.

“Ocean of Tears.”

“Tears are the raindrops that purify the soul.”

Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

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