A Defining Moment!

Photo by Nikita Soloviov on Pexels.com

The fragile balance of life

It is sometimes filled with complexities

Which amaze, scare, entice, or repulse.

However, its enigma never ceases our grasp,

that fragile balance of life,

The fragile balance of life sometimes teaches us

how to touch

However, knowing well enough not to want to hold

on to that brief warmth of a touch,

An imprint of beautiful possibilities, yet fleeting

emotions all trapped in the fragile balance of life;

The fragile balance of life,

It is an elixir of good and evil,

Happy or sad, easily reflected in the beauty of a smile,

Or the ugliness of anger that has gone wild,

Each creates reasons and evokes wonders

All trapped within the fragile balance of life.


 Marjorie Delores

When I wrote this poem in i998, the world was quite different then; however, an awareness of our fragility jolted my senses, forcing me to write this poem in the middle of my shift at the hospital I worked. So here I am in 2022, a mother and grandmother gripped with concerns for those I love. Each day is a gift of which it’s uncertain if that gift will be taken away by evil or severely altered beyond its meaning. A liberty, with dignity to thrive as God intended for us! These are defining moments that cause you to think and to do so out loud at times. So as I re-read and repost this poem, its poignancy resonates with the moment in which we are today. I think it is only fitting to use Juanita Bynum’s song, “I Need You To Survive,” to sum up the message of engagement. Yes, engagement between us as a people aiming for the same basics of life, starting with the freedom to thrive as God intended for us. And at times, we must be reflective to see beyond the horizon that is casually called our tomorrow to become each other keeper.

I don’t owe the rights to this video.

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