Decide On Truth

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It’s with each step through faith and triumphs that we will get a true reflection of God’s love, power, kindness, goodness, and mercy. This reflection rejuvenates the heart while bringing light to the understanding of His eternal grace within His love for us.

The struggle we often have is our hearts are divided. We say one thing one time, and another time, we change our minds. Being double-minded forfeits our plans and destiny. Isn’t this one of the biggest challenges for most of us? I don’t know about you, but this is the fight of my existence. We stand on the fences of life because of our fears and doubts. God moves with the good desires of our hearts. God is a heart specialist; that’s why being double-minded is unprofitable. God first looks at the heart and then tries the reigns.

The mind is where we decide on truth or lie. It’s where we make decisions, but the heart is the place where we establish trust and validity, then our mouth speaks what we believe. Then when our hearts and mind and mouth are in sync, that’s when our works should follow. These are the order and sequence of trust. Trust is when there is an ease and where we see God. This is harmony! You know you can’t put works first, add some faith, and then wrestle with trust. These steps lead you under the law. Law is when we depend on our efforts, goodness, strength, or whatever else we use to define ourselves, even religion.

Finally, do not be in such a hurry to finish your race that you do not take the time to enjoy each stage. Instead, press past limits into God’s infinite wisdom and keep pursuing Him. There is a blessing at the end of each trial.

Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

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