Prisoner of Pain

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Quote for the poem “The Prisoner of Pain.”

“Understanding will give you the power to let go.”

The Prisoner of Pain

Painted by time,

Carved by experiences,

The canvas of my imaginations,

 Of life’s gruesome experiences,

Locked in emotions,

Seized by fears,

Captured by images,

That is no longer even there.

Ravaged by hate,

Words seldom are spoken,

Acted out in anger,

 Causing me distortions,

Fueled by un-forgiveness,

That burns deep within.

Creating an avalanche,

Of life’s twisted scenes,

Provoked by pain,

That torments the soul,

From everlasting to everlasting,

Who can make me whole?

I’ve heard this story told in many ways,

About this savior who can change my days.

A broken reed he will never break,

But only in his love, he’ll take?

By Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

“The Prisoner of Pain.”

Every infraction to our Spirit is an indication that truth about God, self, and others is violated. Because we are often taken aback by the offense (pain), we do not always take the time to discern its intent. Every human being has some basic needs. These are to feel loved and accepted, feel safe, belong, and know that our lives are meaningful. When these needs aren’t met, it causes frustration and conflict, sometimes inwardly and outwardly.

We want our neighbors to respect us love us for who we are and where we are in our phases of life. However, because we all have the same basic needs, but our expectations differ, the struggle with being human and divine often collides. Sometimes we want from each other what someone might not give us at this point in our relationship or encounter, and if we have not matured in these areas, this causes conflict. This continues on Monday’s post.

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