Life’s Markers

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The Rythm of life pulsates in ways that hold us captive. And it’s in those movements lives are formed, and its substance gives us purpose. Like others, I search for its meaning within this phenomenon, called life. I often choose to travel life’s path alone to arrive at where I think I should be in that search. As one who valued, embraced, and celebrated the beauty seen within the space I occupied, I hope to validate an appeal to what I’ve observed in the dynamics of those experiences. And here I am in that expression, poetically sharing my past and hopes, and may the difference I hope for be realized. Marjorie Delores

Cinderella Island (Continue).

Streams of life multifaceted offered are categorized, giving rise to life’s whole. That of open fields where man and beast basked in the warmth of the island’s sun in a state-like paradise, animals were grazing on grass, while the natives looked towards the heavens at trees inundated with birds. There were birds of different species, with plumage, an identifying marker to its breed. The bird’s routines consisted of flying in formation in and out of treetops as if in a dance, chirping melodies synchronizing with the winds whistling that generated a sound of accompaniment. Each show had natives at intervals exhaling with the bided breath, quickly turning to satisfaction. It was a spectator sport with unspoken codes, readily understood between man and beast, giving a harmonious co-existence for both.

 On an average day, sounds of laughter mingled with loud chatter, the dichotomy of which was a reminder of life’s upheavals. Those exchanges echoed screams from man and were at odds with a beast; an encounter resulted in a frenzy-like atmosphere. Nevertheless, there was always an effort to restore normalcy to their surroundings. They sometimes added to the mix when men failed to see eye to eye, creating another dynamic to their exchange.

Occasions like these disputes would foster revenge leading to petty—larceny. A common form would be a neighbor stealing the other’s neighbor’s chickens or goat, then making a feast with it. At times adding insult to injury, the affected party usually becomes invited to the gathering. At which time, upon ingesting the meal of choice given by the host, they were told the meal they had was the missing chicken or goat. These situations always make for a lively evening, sometimes warranting summoning the police as mediators to stop a murder. These happenings served as bad news throughout communities, and the stream of life continued, and the darker side of life would occasionally rare its head, leaving a strain on where innocence once reigned.

Seduced by possibilities, evident in Cinderella Island’s magnetism, nature’s foreplay soothes through her beauty while leaving a thirst for social advancements the natives sought. However, a burning desire to self-actualize, stifled by the lack of opportunities, was pervasive through the island. For those who dreamt beyond their norm, to appease the status quo, they dared to dream out loud. If they did, quickly, they’d learned to recoil, assuring a continuation of at least a healthy way of life with their hopes enshrined in the quiet of their soul. Simultaneously, the underbelly of their fear lurked around in the seedy side of life (prostitution and it was seasonal).

At intervals, the island became overrun with sailors off ships docked in its ports. At times, parts of the island open up like a brothel for those coming off a sexual fast. Likewise, military personnel would be fascinated with the ports taking off scouring the streets and alleyways for a pound of flesh that would be satisfying the aching desires stored up in their loins after being out at sea for months without emotional release to the satisfaction of her lust. Sex had become a commodity of choice and a ready sport where people willingly paid to play, and it even had its loyal followers. And some saw this as a viable income, at which they’d worked diligently during its spell. And others who loathed it but were ardent benefactors sharing in the spoils from those that actively partake. Continue…..

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