Ever Learning

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

This poem written by Ms. Astoria Nickerson speaks to me in a manner that makes me bask in the essence of its message, allowing its meaning to envelop my senses. It evokes the need to better understand more about the human dynamics in Love and loving. As a student of life and ever learning in its marketplace of circumstances, its multifaceted experiences give insights while creating questions that are yet to be answered, for life is ever-unfolding, and we are always learning and growing.

In lifes’ reveal within the rudimentary of daily living, its lessons aren’t always straightforward in their outcomes giving and reciprocating Love. Those two are in conflict when shaded by external influences, and only the parties involved on different spectrums of that imbalance can speak to their complexities.

However, where this can pivot to benefit all involved, it is to love from a place of forgiveness with acceptance, knowing we want nothing better but to become the reason for Love. A Love without conditions, beyond senses, and in and out of seasons—loving because the Creator of Love, God, Loves us even when we don’t love ourselves or acknowledge him, “We are Loved.”. Marjorie Delores

Settle on Love

 Love is not a place; it’s a destination,

Love is not a feeling; it’s a decision

Make it quickly before the sun sets;

Make it without regrets,

Love requires an internal oath,

And an external resolve;

Not to look back, not to give up,

Blaze a path others may have forsaken;

Be here, now and love beyond reason,

And admonish your history of doubts;

Love now, love new, and Love always

 Out of season and beyond reason;

With Love, you will always have extra;

And you’ll never feel in need because of Love;

I dare you to settle on Love,

By making it the centerpiece of you, Love!


            Astoria Nickerson

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