Nuggets of Truth!

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Whenever we become introspective, we tend to analyze and seek a deeper meaning with clarity to life. Looking beyond ourselves and the mundane, the obvious surrounds us; there is a source greater than ourselves. At this crossroads of life, it makes sense to consider experiences that create a storyboard of our lives, and the obvious there is a source at play in the mix of things. One that controls life beyond any man’s ability to alter from birth to transition from life, and time has proven this. It is quite profound that there is no negotiation in that balancing scale of life by the One that causes it to be. All have an identical entrance within this sphere, known as life, and all have equally the same exit when time here on earth is completed. Although we may find gaps along the way, as we delve beneath the surface of our experiences, it is wise to acknowledge those truths; and, when necessary, allow restoration to be possible and renewal attained. Ms. Lyttle’s piece “Shadows of The Past” is filled with nuggets of truth, synonymous with what life’s experiences entail and resonate. This is the continuation of yesterday’s article. Thanks, Ms. Lyttle, for your insight and for sharing them with us. Marjorie Delores

  “Shadows of the Past.”

Condemnation, un-forgiveness, shame, guilt, bitterness, rejection, regret, and malice now become the portrait from which we form opinions about ourselves and others. These negative mindsets and emotions cloud our judgment, keeping us in bondage to fear. These ultimately lead to bad decisions. For whatsoever we believe about ourselves is reflected from our thoughts to words and finally to our actions.

So, the heartfelt question remains. What could mend up our broken hearts, but the blood of Jesus? What could take away our pain but the love of God? What could give us hope for a new beginning, but His grace and His everlasting mercy? When our hearts are bleeding, and we feel we cannot bear it, ask God to bind up our broken hearts. I promise you he will. Just keep saying, “Thank you, Lord, for binding up my broken heart.” Like a flowing stream or a tender hug, God’s love will take your pain away and replace it with peace and love.

When condemnation seems to be the image of our lives, let us receive His love, truth, mercy, and forgiveness. We will find ourselves on a path of peace through the hope of God’s love by abiding in His presence. Let’s build on his righteousness, not our righteousness like filthy rags. Our goodness or lack thereof can never outlive God’s righteousness, which is only found through faith, receiving his love, and not our performance. We will do right when we believe and receive his love and truth.

“Faith is the promise, which pays you dividends…”

Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

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