The Human Condition

I’m not sure if it’s a personality flaw or an inherent weakness; I am immobilized wherever I get extremely upset. Yes, my back goes into spasm, and walking becomes a challenge. In recent days it’s hard not to be troubled by the occurrences in the world; if you are capable of crying, hurting, bleeding, there has to be a sense of bewilderment. So for those of us believing in God, please join me in prayers, and I’m reading Psalm 67 each day. The human condition is fragile, and I think the power of prayers changes things. So please, join me at noon each day to pray. Marjorie Delores

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Shadows of The Past

How often do we find ourselves reflecting on our yesterdays, hoping and wishing we could erase the pain and images of our choices— as well as those inflicted on us by others? Instead, like a bad recording, we find ourselves rehearsing the pain, hurt, or offense until we have a record on autopilot, running our minds and emotions even when we think we’ve changed the channel in our minds.

Aren’t these negative thoughts and emotions interesting to show themselves up at the most inopportune times? We often find ourselves in cycles of behaviors due to these choices, which seem to keep us on a roller coaster ride of bad decisions resulting in broken dreams.

“Hope is the bridge across the debris of life’s many challenges…”

Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

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