Intensely Aware!

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As a woman with an in-depth background and a broad range of experiences that chronicle life highs and lows, I approach life through the prisms of what I’ve learned and endeavor to validate lives lived beyond my own through poetry and storytelling. The advantage being in this season of my life, I am comfortable with who I am. The woman in the mirror’s soul is ablaze, pushing her to create tools from mistakes made. Those lessons are shared in hopes of making a difference. Each experience on display reminds me of life’s fissures and the tenacity to rise from that brokenness. I am intensely aware of the fragility of life; however, it forces me to be purposeful in my efforts. These recent days have pulled at me in a manner that at times stops me in my tracks, whispering aloud, “Whatever is going, what does all this mean?” Doing so at times, as if expecting an answer, one hanging in the wind.

I wondered how different will things become, considering everything seems to move at such a velocity that it doesn’t allow enough time to process what confronts you before another comes at you. At this juncture, all one can do is to lean back, exhale, process what has occurred, and find hope by believing it too will pass. However, remembering changes are a constant, and the obligation to self in the evolution phase is to hold on to the essence of what causes us to be good people. I aimed to honor that part of my life by staying engaged through the medium of sharing my thoughts and hope to know what is yours. Marjorie Delores

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