She Believes!

If summarized in one word, life can yield an answer different from the asked person. To Rebekah Masters, the entirety of her life can translate into the phrase “Uncertain.” Often, fate subjects an individual to relentless obstacles to overcome to reach their goal. The degree of difficulty and the satisfaction of the reward, in the end, is different, and so it should. Every person is not created equal, and everyone’s life is not the same. Something Rebekah knows all too well.   And chance eventually shifted the pendulum of time, releasing an abundance of wealth within her spirit; there, real opportunity and change breathe anew and hope ushers in love that finally finds her.  

The Coming of Grace is available in paperback, Kindle, and eBooks; get your copy today! It’s an ideal read for young adults and older, and it makes a great gift.

On Sale!

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