Moments In Time

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There are moments in time when we pause in search of the meaning of what we do, who we are, and the greater reasons for being. These are quantitative inquiries, and in response, we hope to gain clarity and a deeper understanding of life. Ms. Lyttle not only brought that question about, but she also engaged us through her prospectives in summation through her analogy and poetry. Marjorie Delores

Reflection for the poem “A Page from God’s Heart.”

Isn’t it through our greatest pursuits for purpose, the why behind who we are, and the problems that we face that our hearts become open to question: who is God, and who is He to us? We may come to this question from different cultures, perceptions, experiences, and situations. However, no matter what brought us to this question, we need an encounter with God that goes beyond our heritage, family, traditions, rules, prestige in life to something life-altering and meaningful. We are taught in one way or another; we should be celebrated. How can this be when we have never had someone invested in our lives this truth. We look up to and admire people whose lives seem extraordinary and meaningful based on their perceptions. This acknowledgment sometimes ignites an inner call for greatness beyond what our natural eyes can see and touch. Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

A Page from God’s heart

You were taken from eternity,

Placed in humanity, quickened by divinity

For his purpose and destiny

God hovered over time, waiting for the divine

Moment of revelation, emancipation

That separated you for this significant restoration.

He said let there be, and there you were

A mystery, a possibility, God’s instrument of power

For this very hour, with words to impart

To a dying world that needs a love story from His own heart

Let him continue this story Day by day…

For someone who needs to hear the story

That only your life can tell.

Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

Taken from Purpose Within Every Promise available on Amazon.

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