Open Your Eyes to Love!

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Open your eyes and know this, that where truth collapses into itself,

everything is laid bare,

You are Love and in the marrow of your being,

Peel away the layers and see the purity of this moment,

Your neighbor is different, but he too is Loved,

Seek the best, and you will find it too,

Touch your world, and it will remind you that we all are


Although Love may not be enough for some…

It is the elixir of the soul, ensuring that a stronghold cannot take


 Shielded within the power of Love, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed,

but today is here,

What we have it’s Love and embraces it the best we can,

Relish this opportunity to see the enraptured plan

Formed in beauty, displays within His stance;

Love becomes Love, and so you’re loved,

Calm your fears, starve your insecurity, in the surety of Love,

Erase the confines, the inevitable aftermath it can bring,

 Remembering most have traveled a path unlike what you had hoped,

 But Love’s unforgettable rhythm is available within our scope;

Creating wealth through the footprints of our DNA, in fullness God’s Love

Where lies the emblem of life, which mirrors undeniable beauty of Love;  

  If only we could surrender—embracing all that is Love and what it gives

Because we are loved, my dear, we are loved,

And our world is life, and life is Love,

Beautiful soul, and unquenchable spirit, always remember that we are loved!


Astoria Nickerson

Photo by Pixabay on

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