Reason To Pause!

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Interestingly our daily communications are often viewed with minimal importance within that realm of our activities. Yet, the power of words conveyed is at the core of all we do. Its importance is often lessened in the context of its impact, effect, and collective outcome. Ms. Lyttle’s Poem, “This thing called Words,” gives reason to pause and think how best can words be used for the collective results that benefits all. Marjorie Delores

This Thing Called Words

Words are like paint that stains the soul.

 Layer by layer, creating strongholds Festered by time,

Creating molds Manifested in behaviors…

Too hard to control Building bridges, fences

And walls Creating cities, both great and small

 A city without light!

That is subject to fall. This thing called               

 “words” is the creator of them all.

Through grace and truth, you’ll see the light,

His fountain of love will be your delight

With words that heal; he will peal your soul

With gentle kisses that will make you whole

You’ll come to know you’re his delight

Someone he caresses day or night

Your silent tears he’ll wipe away…

The hidden scars of yesterday,

Just trust in him; he’ll heal your soul,

And make your foundation genuinely whole!

Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

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