Destroyers of Lives!

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Recently, I received an article from my brother that describes the problem of rape in our homeland, and it’s so bad that the government seems to have lost control of the situation. It has become an open season for raping children, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they are killed after being raped.

 It is personal as someone with a first-hand account of how devastating this ordeal can be. As old as I am, memories of those early days are as vivid as if they had occurred yesterday. I recalled seeing more senior men, old enough to be grandfathers of their victims, behaved as if it was their right to rob little girls of their innocence, and they also weren’t shy about who knew they were rapists and destroyers of lives. I am sure they did boys too, but it was taboo in those early days. Therefore, it was more hidden than the raping of girls. I wrote about the brutality of rape in ‘The Coming of Grace”.

It inadvertently affects how a victim approaches life and their interaction with a potential love interest later on. I am aware this isn’t a problem of a particular geographical region, cultural insights, social or economic adeptness; rather, it’s emotional depravity that feeds an inner beast, which crosses countries, cities, towns, and homes. It’s when a soul is so emotionally bankrupt, warped, and has lost all sense of decency. It seeks to destroy others by robbing them of their worth, having lost theirs. The violent action of ‘Rape’ severely fractures the spirit and shaves away the innocence of another, which no human has the right to do. This evil will never stop, but my God, our awareness will deprive them of a safe haven, and there has to be accountability for such an action. It’s up to us with a heightened sense of goodness and basic human decency to become barriers to stem the tide of this evil unleashed on helpless and innocent children. Its trauma becomes etched within the soul, and time abates its pain but cannot erase its scars; please, let us protect the children because the one we saved could be our own. Marjorie Delores

This is one of the most sensitive topics I’ve dealt with here, but I could not have done otherwise after reading that article. Anyone who knows me; knows I do not live to be trendy or gather the most likes. However, by my actions, I must be able to like the woman in the mirror and honor her spirit by remaining true to her authenticity. I care about life beyond mine, and I have gained the wisdom of knowing real love comes with caring about all of life. Peace!!

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