The Difference We Seek

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One thing is sure in this season of change and unpredictability; each day we see, we have a chance to become the difference we seek. It’s up to us, and it begins in the fertile ground of the mind. Marjorie Delores

This article is taken from “Purpose Within Every Promise” By Ms. Sophia Malia Lyttle.

Changes can be challenging; however, it is the one thing we can count on in life. It is our constant that permeates life’s circumstances. A spouse will change through the seasons of life. A man will evolve through his manhood to discover the many facets of his strength and identify as life questions his existence, purpose in God, self, family, and others. A woman is resilient and seeks to acclimate herself to her different seasons.

Loving another person seems to be the most significant challenge if we are honest with ourselves. Yet, it is one of our greatest gifts. When the truth of God resides in our hearts by faith, we often begin seeing each other differently. Your failure might seem like a vast mountain to me, while mine, although similar, appears like a pebble in my own eyes. But grace is our meeting place and closes the gap between our senses and perception. We all want to be loved. We all want to know we are significant; and that our lives matter to God, self, and others.

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