Connectivity of Life

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In the connectivity of life, each moving part serves a greater whole. Therefore, within the advent of time, purpose and meaning will become clear, and we should find peace, knowing it will eventually make sense. Marjorie Delores

Reflections For The Poem “Love Mosaic”(An overview)

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We seem to be unfolding scenes, which sometimes seem connected or disconnected. We are often in a hurry to get to the next chapter of our lives, and lessons get lost in the process of turning the page. The process challenges our patience with each other, and like a seed in the ground, we die, to blooming and lastly, growth. It’s at this juncture we find ourselves struggling with the sap from the fruit of our labor dictated by the choices we’ve made. But how does love fit into all this drama and chaos? Well, love is like oil; it rises to the top whenever truth separates from lies. By trusting in God’s timing, a resurgence of facts will emerge through understanding. Separation doesn’t always mean loss; however, it is an essential ingredient for change in our lives and others….(Continues).

Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

Taken from Purpose Within Every Promise

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